Bustling City 1 Picture - Red

Bustling City 1 Picture - Red

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Bring the Metropolis into Your Home With The Bustling City 1 PictureOwn Bustling City 1 picture 24" x 34" a modern work of art by artist Dominic Lecavalier, who paints with energy to display the activity of city life. The greys, blacks, reds and whites blend with any motif, such as a dark-coloured lobby or austere apartment or living room. The gorgeous artwork is in demand because Lecavalier creates a dynamic thrust of living within the city. The apparent simplicity of this hand-painted wall art blends with grey moody colours but contrasts with the vibrant reds of a bustling city. The city wall art inspires a motif of white and reds blended with greys and blacks. Once you hang this casual wall art, you will experience surprise at how well it fits into your home or office because the painting gives off a feeling of beauty and vibrancy. The Bustling City 1 picture 24" x 34" is by renowned artist Dominic LecavalierA modern work of art that can hang in an office or homeThe painting adds a spark of life to any interior

Product Specifics
  • Vendor Model Number: OL590
  • Brand: REN
  • W: 24.00"
  • D: 2.50"
  • H: 34.00"
  • Colour: Red
  • Material: Canvas